Silver (2022)

for 6 Performers


Music work out (2020)

for 3 performers


other eye (2018)

for movement of 2 performers with sound amplification, live video projection, and light

collaborative work by Yiran Zhao and Kirstine Lindemann


Con. (2018)

for dance and music

collaborative work by Kai Chun Chuang (dance) and Yiran Zhao (music)


90 DEGREES (2018)

for Performer, voice, and 2 Videos


Kōng (2017/2018)

for ensemble and video


Inverse (2017)

for saxophonist, flutist, pianist und light


Pluri- (2016/2017)

for dancer, sound, and video

collaborative work by Yiran Zhao, Kai Chun Chuang, Hannah Eisendle



for performers, video and light



Angles (2016)

for two performers, light, and video


Info Desk (2013/2015)

for two players and situation


SHH I (2015)

Solo for a head


Confrontation (2015)

for two trombones


Ohne Stille II (2014/2015)

for large bass drum and light


Piep (2014/15)

for two KORG MA-1 metronomes


AnnA (2014)

for two players


Tür (2012/2013)

for audio


Verwickelte Synästhesie (2012)

for conductor quartet

part 1:

part 2:

part 3: