behind the apples (2018)

for 6 Vocalists


Oder Ekel kommt vor Essenz (2017/2018)

for speaker and orchestra


Kōng (2017/2018)

for ensemble and video


Fluctuation II (2016/2017)

for large ensemble


Inverse (2017)

for saxophonist, flutist, pianist und light


GRENZEN (2016)

for vocal ensemble, wine glasses, and lute


Fluctuation Ia (2015/2016)

for Ensemble Recherche


TOUCH II (2015/2016)

for ensemble


Waking Dream (2015)

for Ensemble Phoenix Basel


kōng gǔ chuán shēng (2014)

for two (solo) conductors and two choral groups


Jodeln (2014)

for chorus, natural horn, and percussion


Selbstporträt V (2014)

for contrabass quartet


TOUCH (2014)

for piano trio


Brandherd (2013)

for chorus and percussion


SAN (2013)

für erhu, pipa und alto saxophone


Verwickelte Synästhesie (2012)

for conductor quartet

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:


Trotzkopf (2012)

for violin, tenor saxophone, and piano


Wüste Vergangenheit (2012)

for percussion quartet